Ode to the Regular Girls

This is for the regular girls

 The 9 to 5 and one on the side girls 

The not so sleek or always on fleek the forgot to shave my legs I’ll just wear jeans instead girls 

The untrained waist and untamed hair girls the chipped nails, go to hell, I’m on a budget girls 

The flat booty, flat chested, crooked smile,  little too wild, black and mildly attractive girls

This is for the black spots having, flat shoes wearing, fuck your perfect make up and 6 inch heels girls 

For the girls with intangibles and love handles, unedited, unfiltered 10 takes still hate it girls 

This is for the 700 followers and 30 likes  fully clothed with a little poke girls 

This is for underrated, none hated, overlooked, regular degular, in between jobs, masters getting, kids having, making things happen, not so famous but still maintaining, regular ass girls and for the real MVPs that see the gold in us anyway.


Ok, so I’ve been working on a post for #ProjectLiveLifeFreely that I planned on dropping today but I just got irked so I felt the need to express myself. I saw that Erin Smith created a petition for Jesse Williams to be removed from Grey’s Anatomy because he “spewed a racist, hate speech against law enforcement and white people at the BET awards.” last week. Mad Erin’s Petition  So apparently this Erin Smith character; who is obviously the embodiment of ignorant ass white america. Is offended once again that a famous black (and when I say black the one drop rule always applies) person (Jesse Williams) actually cares about black people in america and is actively working to end the atrocious oppression we’ve dealt with in this country since the moment we built it off the ground your forefathers stole to what it is now!The audacity! Shame on you Jesse!


Now in the event that you live under a rock or happen to be a member of ignorant ass white america, Jesse Williams who stars on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy delivered a profound speech at this year’s BET awards touching on every issue in the black community in the most direct and beautiful way I think I’ve witnessed live in my entire life. As a young black woman in Atlanta it genuinely touched my spirit and gave me an inkling of hope for about 2.5 seconds.Jesse Williams 2016 BET Awards Speech(Also please note the ignorant ass white people comments on the video. I used it cause it was the best one I found and I thought the haterade that was poured was hilarious.) ANYWHO. Moving right along…

I had so much to say about Erin Cowmilk Smith’s rant about Jesse spewing racist blah blah bullshit on this petition to get Jesse removed from Grey’s Anatomy for racist remarks but, I’d rather just troll and make Erin Cowmilk Smith even more angry with a fun fact. Like, this petition wont make it off the ground. Why, why the hell not? Well Erin since you’re apart of ignorant ass white america I’m sure you didn’t know the creator of the show you loved so much until you found out it’s star really doesn’t like white women and cares about black people in real life she’s and BLACK WOMAN. Oh and the president of that network that you watch it on…. oh she’s a BLACK WOMAN TOO. titus-no-whyy.gif

Maybe Erin will get it to the President… Aw damn that guys is black too…What’s a broken hearted ignorant ass white person to do… FIRST

“And let’s get a couple things straight, just a little sidenote – the burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander.That’s not our job, alright – stop with all that. If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest, if you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down.”

AND THEN… from black people to you and your diligent cohorts…#STAYMADERIN now excuse us as we drink white people tears LOL.



Project Live Life Freely

So in case no one has noticed over the course of the past 3 months I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, road tripping, and simply living life to the max. Reasons being, I asked myself one day was I actually living my truth or simply existing as a slave to my biology and the glass ceilings set before me as young black woman trying to find a niche in chaos. Obviously my answer was no, no you’re not really living. So, on the road I went to the beach to find some peace.
After my first trip to Panama City Beach, Florida in April [which was AMAZEBALLS] I was pretty much addicted with the thrill of new experience and doing things that truly serve my soul. Then the law of attraction just present awesome new friends that enjoy similar things as myself. I guess you could say that’s when project live life freely went into full effect.
It’s been a shocker to those that know me the most because they’ve never witnessed my nature loving tree hugging side that has practically always been around. I suppose I just really never had the opportunity to actually go and do these things with like minded people that look like me.
So I’ve decided to share this part of the journey I call my life with you. My journey to live my life freely and wholeheartedly. There is really no real goal at the moment only to travel and the things that serve my soul and bring peace to my spirit. Whatever I discover on the way I suppose is my destiny. Where the waves of life will take me…well your guess is as good as mine. Welcome again to my truth.








Help wanted

Shame on us all for our passive ass prayers as we sit without sympathy for others in despair using faith as a crutch not to do so much and God as our credit because apparently he prepaid for it…
Well, I call bullshit it’s time to take responsibility
Do not offer your prayers if you’re not willing to help me.
Your prayers dont feed empty bellies or comfort hurting hearts
They do not share wisdom or laughter or give brand new starts.
All that is given is a false sense of accomplishment to replace our humanity as we watch others perish as we watch and dont see
No my friends do not waste your prayers on me… or him or her or them over there
do not waste your prayers when you don’t really care because if you did things would have already changed but yet your prayers accumulate and things remain the same.
Now don’t go blaming this on God and plans for us all because this reality we live in we created it all. God didnt destroy our world or make anyone homeless or create diseases we did so let’s own it
Own it and fix and stop the insanity replace those empty prayers with a little humanity unclasp your hands and unbow your head and lend one or two to someone instead
So the next time you feel inclined to lend someone a prayer lend them a hand instead  because it’s help wanted there.

I give so much to people that just take and take until nothing is left and my cupboards and energy are empty and bare with nothing for myself and then proceed to fault me for my anger, fault me for my pain, fault me for no longer wanting to give to preserve myself in attempt to save my sanity. Searching for me in their times of need knowing I’ll be there but when my soul is in despair I find myself alone seeking comfort and always coming up short with no one but myself to rely on…

The Water

There’s something in the water calling my soul
It cant be ignored because the force is too strong
I don’t know what it is and I stopped trying to understand but there’s something in the water and something in the sand
There’s something in the water that’s calling my name and if don’t get there soon I may go insane
I stopped questioning this calling and decided to listen because whatever is calling has my souls mission
I have to obey otherwise it’d be treason
I’ll get to the water if for no other reason…
I made it to the water and this is what I found as I stood in it’s nature and took a look around…
There’s something in the water that purified me and finally I’ve made it to my destiny
It washed up on my feet and I watched it pass me by not knowing perfection was in my grasp not knowing that moment would have a swift goodbye
Life is like the ocean it gives and it takes but one thing’s for certain you cant stop the waves
They keep rolling onto shore and the cypher keeps rolling and the world keeps spinning just as it had always done since the very beginning
And just as stood in the water where the Atlantic and Caribbean form the gulf of Mexico I came to remembrance of what I came to know
This life gives and this life takes but the beauty’s in the moment and that’s what makes it great
no matter what it gives it’ll surely come back to take it so enjoy the little moments that take your breath away, that catch you by surprise, bring tears to you eyes, because when your time on shore is done and you’re pulled back into the waves those moments that you cherish are the only things you save.


Chapter 1

Their gazes met from across the parking lot as she walked up to him on a warm October day. Giving each other the up and down taking in every inch of the stranger standing before them. There was something in that instance; a spark of some kind, that remains unexplainable but yet undeniable. I think it was a seed of love.
After that moment had passed their bodies met for a hug that felt much too familiar for two not so complete strangers. After their embrace ceased he followed her as she led him into her sanctuary most people call home. As they entered she lit white sage incense to cleanse this stranger in her home of any negativity he may hold because she’s into that sort of thing. They begin to converse and have dialogue of black issues and music as they indulged in mental elevation. Frequently locking gazes as though they could see the others soul through the matching pair of dark brown eyes which they both possessed. He asked if she had any music to listen to and she didn’t so, he
suggested they relocate to his car. Being a lover of good music she obliged and grabbed a snack on the way out. After settling in a familiar looking vehicle that smelled of musky dank he began to tell her of stories of his past in the neighborhood that she lived. She simply smiled and listened enjoying learning more about this stranger that’s captured her attention. Once his nostalgic monologue came to an end he asked her if she wanted to hear something and she once again gladly obliged. He then began to play the instrumental version of a song she recognized but couldn’t quite remember the name of. As the music continued to play he suddenly began spewing out beautiful rhymes and puns of his past and of the girl with the breath taking smile that sitting beside him gleaming with excitement. She blushed and giggled as he serenaded her in the coolest of fashion. Observing her enjoyment he rhymed a little better and flowed a little easier. Upon this realization he brought his rhythmic stream of consciousness to an end and told her he hadn’t done that in a while. She responded to him that she was starstruck never witnessing someone freestyle in such a manner especially not about her personally. He simply smiled and replied yea. She repeated his reply and smiled back. They continued to stare and smile at one another enjoying each others company and the noticeably positively charged air surrounding them. It seemed as tho time had slowed down just for them at that moment and they both felt it. This was the beginning of the end…

The News

He said I looked like art and that’s probably the most beautiful thing anyone has ever told me
It flushed my cheeks and gave me the silliest grin
I think it was then I fell in love…
Starstruck got me stuck just longing to hear you speak
You put your voodoo on me and it swept me off my feet
I love you from a place so pure when I think about it it’s something spiritual
Baptised in our love heart made anew in you
I just cant get enough of what you do when you do what you do
Created a song with our love that no one but us will hear but will always be near
Yes dear this one is about you just like the others and I didn’t even know it
From I wanna to I’m gonna glad to finally meet
The god to my goddess the sun to my moon and everything in between
Flawless imperfection surrounded in beauty sent from God just for you yes love it’s true
Signed sealed and delivered sorry it took so long
Our hearts have finally stopped pulling and we know where we belong
Lost in our bubble where time ceases to exist and the troubles of the world seem to fade out of frame when our lips meet to kiss
I imagine only a few can say they’ve experienced a love quite like this
Twin flame so insane just seems too good to be true any realm any plane they all lead right back to you
I could drag this on forever until I run out comprehensible words  and be forced to find more ways to show you that I care show you that I’m here
Unphased and unmoved by anyone but you…
My muse
And that’s the news

The one that got away

I should  have…..
Loved you from afar and observed you as I always did but… You were the apple to my Eden and that day I was Eve and
I….couldn’t leave that feeling I was feeling alone and I just haaaad to get a little taste of you.
I….loved you too hard and gave too much too soon
I… wanted to get lost in you but…I was never found in me and
I…. selfishly concocted what I thought we should be and made a mold for you that you should’ve never been put in in the first place
When I…said it’s not you it’s me my mind was lying but my soul knew the truth it was me…
My expectations had me jaded and the you I created in my mind wouldn’t let me accept the you that was in front of me you…
Are the one that got away…
And everyday I pray to right my wrongs but I’ll write my longs in this poem of mine and hope you know I wrote this with you on my mind…