25 Years To Life

25 years to life sentence and I’m loving every minute of it!

The Ink

Life comes and goes. let’s face it.   We are not getting any younger.  Time is something of the essence, and one of the most valuable things we are given, we continue to waste each day.  The sad thing is, we can never get that time back and we often regret what we didn’t do yesterday while wasting time today.   We are worried about achieving things that society said we should be worried about at that time, and many times it resulted in unnecessary stress, or regret.  Sometimes we are so worried about life, that we forget to live life.  There is so much that the world can offer you, and can change how you see the world around you. I turn 25 on the 31st of March, and It’s time I start living my life to the fullest.   I feel there are multiple people in the same boat as…

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